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Mission Statement
WhatWeDo_2After being involved in the Building and Construction industry for in excess of 30 years, it was clear that many organisations were in need of assistance in dealing with both contract and project management. Many organisations were not getting the most effective benefits from implementing strong contract and project management processes across their business areas.

ATsolve offers a unique blend of tailored consulting, certification and training capacity to meet any organisations needs, and become more sustainable in the projects and activities they perform.


Mission Statement
CoursesTo achieve true potential and therefore to be sustainable, organisations need to use a targeted practical blend of sustainable project management, enhanced contract management. ATsolve offers a unique blend of tailored training and certification in contract and project management to provide a valuable investment in building the organisations business goals.

The Sustainable Project Management certification and training offered by ATsolve combines the benefits of an internationally recognised certification and training that makes the qualifications globally recognised.

About ATSolve

Mission Statement

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Atsolve was created to assist businesses understand their potential and implement strong sustainable processes and procedures. Through training, certification and consulting Atsolve offers a unique blend of tailored consulting and training throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. The unique blend of recognising the importance of sustainable, engaged human capital in any project with the skills and knowledge to deliver, allows Atsolve to deal with the specific needs of clients.    

Together ‘Sustainable Change’ can be achieved.   

ATSolve engages and motivates staff and project participants to improve efficiency and innovation